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50 555 circuits pdf free ebook

50 555 circuits pdf
50 555 circuits pdf

The pdf Ebook Content

Active High Trigger
Active Low Trigger
Aircraft Navigation Beacon
Alarm Sounds (4 sounds)
Alarm-1 (Home Alarm-1)
Alarm 4-Zone
Amplifier using 555
Animated Display
Audio Frequency Meter
Automatic Curtain Closer
Automatic Garden LED Strip
Astable Multivibrator
Basic 555 Oscillators
Battery Charger (voltage doubler)
Beep short
Bi-Coloured LED
Bike Turning Signal
Bi-Polar LED Driver
Bi-Stable 555
Building the Circuits
Burglar Alarm 4-Zone
Capacitor Charge Pump
Car Lights Flasher – warning flasher
Car Tachometer
Charge Controller – prevents overcharge

Charge Pump
Chaser – 3 Chase NEW
Clark Zapper
Clicks Uneven
Calculator 555 7555
CMOS 555
Constant Current
Continuity Tester
Crossing Lights
Crossing Lights – Jim’s MkIV
Curtain Closer
Dark Detector
DC to DC Converter 3.7v to 5v
Delay – also called a Timer
Delay before turn-on
Dice LED Dice Cct-2
Dice to 7-Segment Display
Display – Animated
Divide by 2
Dog-Bark Stopper
Doorbell for front door and back door
Driving A Bi-Coloured LED
Driving A Relay
Driving White LEDs
Duty Cycle 1:1 (50%)
Fade-IN Fade-OUT LEDs
Fading LED
Fastest 555 Oscillator
Normally Closed Trigger
One-Shot 555

Phase Control with XR-L555 (low power)
Pin 4 Reset
Police Lights 1,2,3
Police Siren
Powering A Project
Pulse Extender
Pulser – 74c14
Push-ON Push-OFF
Push Pull
Push-Pull – high current
PWM Controller – FET buffer
PWM – transistor buffer – and via pin 5
see also Motor PWM
Quad 555 – LM558
Quadrupler – 4 times!
Railroad Lights (flashing)
Railway Time
Rain Alarm
Ramp Generator
Reaction Timer Game
Replacing 556 with two 555’s
Replacing TTL 555 with CMOS 555
Reset Pin
Resistor Colour Codes
Re-triggerable 555
Reversing A Motor
RGB LED – driving a tri-coloured LED
Rubbish 555 The 555 is RUBBISH
Schmitt Trigger
Screamer Siren – Light Controlled
Servo Controller
Servo Tester
SET or RESET? Note this !!!!
Short Beep
Simplest 555 Oscillator
Sinewave Output
Siren 100dB
Solar Tracker
Square Wave Oscillator
Stepper Motor Controller
Stun Gun
Substituting a 555 – Part 1
Substituting a 555 – Part 2
Supply (170v) for Nixie Tubes
Surface Mount 555
Switch Debounce
Tap ON Tap OFF
TE555-1 Stepper Motor Controller
TE555-2 Animated Display
Flashing Indicators
Flashing Railroad Lights
Flip Flop see also Toggle
Four Alarm Sounds
Frequency Divider
Frequency Meter
Function of each 555 pin

H-Bridge Push-Pull – high current
H-Bridge with PWM
Headlight Flasher – faulty circuit
Headlight Selector
Hee Haw Siren
Hee Haw Siren with one 555
Higher Sinking Current
High Frequency 555 Oscillator
Home Alarm-1
How to use the 555
Improving the output of a 555
Increasing Sinking Current
Increasing Output Push-Pull Current
Inverter 12v to 240v
Inside the 555
Jammer for TV
Jim’s Crossing Lights
Joy Stick and Servo
Kitt Scanner
Knight Rider
Laser Ray Sound
Latch A Relay
Latch – using transistors
LED Dice LED Dice Cct-2
LED Dimmer
LED Flasher
LED Flasher using LM386
LED Flasher with LDR
LED Strip Illuminator
Level Shifter
Light Controlled Screamer Siren
Light Detector
Lights – Traffic Lights
Listen to an RGB LED
LMC555 CMOS 555
LM386 LED Flasher
LM558 – Quad 555
Logic Probe
Long Delay Timer – NEW CHIP $8.00
Long Duration Timer
Low Current Timer – 7555 CMOS 555
Low Frequency 555 Oscillator
Low Power 555
Machine Gun
TE555-3 4 Alarm Sounds
TE555-4 Dice
TE555-5 LED Fx
Ticking Bomb
Tilt Switch
Timer – 5 seconds
Toggle A Relay
Toggle 555 555 ON/OFF Flip Flop
Touch Switch
Touch ON-OFF – more Touch Sw Ccts
Toy Organ
Traffic Lights
Traffic Lights – 4 way
Transistor Tester
Trigger Timer – 74c14
Tripler – & quad
Turning Signal
TV Remote Control Jammer
Useless Machine
Uneven Clicks
Universal 555
Up/Down Fading LED
Using the 555
VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)
Voltage Doubler see also Battery Charger
Voltage Tripler
Voltage Inverter
Voltage Multiplier x10times
Warning Flasher – car lights flasher
Water Level Detector
Wailing Siren
What is the 555?????
Zapper (Dr Clark)
Zapper – Voltage Multiplier
Zener Diode Tester
2 Minute Timer – 74c14
3x3x3 Cube
3-Chase Chaser NEW
3 secs HIGH 60 secs LOW
3.7v to 5v DC to DC converter -no work!
4 Alarm Sounds
4 way Traffic Lights

4-Zone Burglar Alarm
1-10 Minute Auto Turn Off
5 Seconds Delay
10 Minute Timer – 74c14
12v DC to 12v DC Battery Charger
12v DC to 19v DC
12v to 240v Inverter
50% Duty Cycle
100dB Siren
170v Supply for Nixie Tubes
555’s – a list of substitutes
555+4017 Display $4.50
555 Amplifier
Make any 555 Project on a PC board
Mark-Space Ratio
Memory Cell see also Toggle Flip Flop
Mercury Switch Detector – faulty circuit
Metal Detector
Missing Audio Detector
Missing Pulse Detector – faulty circuit
Model Railway Time
Monostable 555
Morse Keyer
Mosquito Repeller
Motor Controller (stepper Motor)
Motor Controller (servo motor)
Motor Over-run
Motor PWM
Multivibrator – Astable
Music Box
Negative Voltage
555 CMOS version LMC555
555 Kit of Components
555 Printed Circuit Board
555 Pinout
555 Pins – Remembering the pins
555 Mistakes (No-No’s)
555 on 24v
555 Timer Calculator
555 VCO
556 Dual Timer
558 Quad 555
7555 CMOS Calculator

7555 Low Current Timer (delay)

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