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Best Boost Converter |Simple 6v to 150v converter | homemade small inverter 6v

boost converter, 6v t0 150v to 220v converter inverter

About This inverter project

boost converter, 6v t0 150v to 220v converter inverter

is a simple converter that converts a 6vdc power source to 150vdc, the inverter project doesn’t use ic (integrated circuit) it only uses transistors as the oscillator and MOSFET as power switches.

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this project can also be called a boost converter

The project’s discrete components are listed below

  1. Mosfet irf3808
  2. All transistors are 2n2222a
  3. Pc817 optocoupler for feedback sensing
  4. variable resistor 33k
  5. capacitor are 102J 3pcs, 16v 470uf 2pcs, 400v 22uf, 50v 10uf
  6. Diodes are: bridge rectifier 2amps, 1n4007 zener diode 3.0v
  7. Led indicator 1pc
  8. chopped ferrite transformer primary turns = 4tns, secondary turns= 60tns , feedback wind turns = 10 turns
  9. Resistors are: 100k 1pc, 20k 2pcs, 500R 2pcs, 100R 1pc, 1k 2pcs
  10. Thick aluminum heat sink for MOSFET
  11. Vero perf board
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here is the circuit diagram drawn on paper for easy understanding

boost converter 1v 6v to 150v 220v inverter

Video Below

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