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Dspic30f2010 digital pure sine wave inverter project full with hex file and schematic Giveaway

 Dspic30f2010 digital pure sine wave inverter project full with hex file and schematic Giveaway!

Hi, I am doing a giveaway on an inverter project which is a dspic30f2010-based digital pure sine wave inverter project whose as functions include;

1. Low battery preset through calibration

2. Protection against 440v mains

3. Pwm battery charger current range from 5A to 20A

4. Inverter Overload protection

5. Short circuit protection

6. Isolated ac main current and voltage-sensitive

6. low noise and voltage range from 100V ac to 230V ac 50/60hertz

7.16*2 or 16*4 LCD display which shows the battery voltage, output voltage, input voltage, load wattage charging current e.t.c

Proof that I have the project file

dspic30f2010 inverter circuit givea...
dspic30f2010 inverter circuit giveaway (pure sine wave inverter ) {Updated}

You can download the full project file here 

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  1. I can't down load. try several time but fail. plz help

  2. Problem is the displaying NAME e.g Kethan dsp,Bilal dsp or shree dsp,can u remove these and remain Dsp inverter only? Help me plse.

    1. Did Board Work Properly?

  3. Thanks man

  4. Please, what is the compiler you're using to compile from c to hex

  5. your dsp.c code will be compile with pic c compiler? p30f2010.h library for pic c compiler give me ''BOSS''

  6. good

  7. ok thanks for your comment

  8. good

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