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How to style and Calculate High-Frequency Transformers?

Author: Apogeeweb Date: five Mar 2021 thirty-four


An electrical device could be a passive device that transfers voltage from one electrical device to a different, or multiple circuits. Its transmission current is AC. electrical device is usually accustomed increase or decrease the availability. jointly of the categories, high-frequency transformers use frequencies from twenty kilocycle to over 1MHz. This paper tells the look method of high-frequency transformers (HFTs), that is, a way to calculate high frequency transformer?



I electrical device Core

1.1 core Material

How to build high frequency Transformer?

1.2 Core Structure

1.3 Core Parameters

1.4 Coil Parameters

1.5 Coil Turns

1.6 Assembly Structure

1.7 Temperature Rise Check

II forms of High-Frequency electrical device two.1 electrical device Classifications

2.2 style Rules

III electrical device Core choice Cares IV Main electrical device Parameters

V a way to Calculate High Frequency Transformer? five.1 style Principles and ways of Transformers five.2 AP technique Analysis

5.3 Parameters of Power offer

5.4 electrical device Turns Calculation

I electrical device Core

In real transformers, the 2 coils area unit wound onto identical iron core. The electrical device core provides a magnetic path to channel flux. the utilization of extremely permeable  material (which describes the material’s ability to hold flux), additionally as higher core construction techniques, helps give a fascinating, low reluctance flux path and confine lines of flux to the core. the subsequent introduces some necessary side of the electrical device core.

1.1 core Material

Which material is best for prime frequency electrical device core? Soft solid solution is wide employed in switch power offer because of its own characteristics. Its blessings area unit high ohmic resistance, low AC eddy current loss, low price, and straightforward process into numerous shapes. It conjointly has disadvantages, together with low operating magnetic denseness, low porousness, giant magnetostriction, and comparatively sensitive to temperature changes. selecting appropriate materials will absolutely meet the look needs of high frequency transformers, and that they have ideal performance and worth advantage.

1.2 Core Structure

Transformer core as a main half, the factors to be thought of once choosing the core structure are: reducing magnetic escape and escape inductance, increasing the warmth dissipation spacing of the coil, that is useful to shielding, straightforward coil winding, and convenient assembly and wiring. Magnetic escape and escape inductance area unit directly associated with the core structure. If the core doesn’t need associate degree air gap, a closed annulate or square-shaped core is best.

1.3 Core Parameters

In the style of the core parameters, special attention ought to be paid to the magnetic denseness on operating not solely restricted by the magnetization curve, however conjointly by the loss, and therefore the operating mode of power

transmission. once the magnetic flux changes in one direction: ΔB=Bs-Br, that isn’t just restricted by the saturation magnetic denseness, however conjointly in the main by the loss, (the loss causes a temperature rise to have an effect on the magnetic flux density). operating magnetic denseness Bm=0.6~0.7ΔB.

Opening the air gap will cut back Br to extend the magnetic denseness amendment price price. After then, the excitation current will increase, however the core volume may be reduced. For magnetic flux add two- way: ΔB=2Bm. during this case, it’s conjointly necessary to concentrate to the actual fact that the volt-second space of the positive and negative changes of the excitation isn’t equal because of numerous reasons, and therefore the DC bias drawback happens. Therefore, atiny low air gap may be other to the core, or a DC obstruction electrical device may be other within the circuit style.

1.4 Coil Parameters

Coil parameters embrace the quantity of turns, wire section (diameter), wire form, winding arrangement and

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