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Low battery cutoff circuit diagram

Low battery cutoff circuit diagram

 The article I am posting today is low battery cutoff circuit, this circuit can be useful in solar inverter projects and also some DIY projects

How It Work!  (The Low Battery Circuit)

the 1k resistor and the potentiometer (variable resistor) serve as a voltage divider which the output voltage can be varied either increased or decreased.

so if there is 12v input at the if (2x) 1k resistor is connected in series with the ground the output at the center of the two resistors the voltage will be 6v which is voltage divider (division)

Practical below.

Component required

*4.7v Zener diode for 8v to 12v and 8v Zener diode battery system 24v

*8A relay

*bc547 transistor

*1k resistor

*20k variable resistor

*50v 100uf capacitor

the low battery circuit below

you can set the cutoff voltage through the preset (variable resistor)

 Click Here To Download The Full Project File

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