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Most simple and small inverter circuit | small inverter circuit | 12v to 230v inverter circuit

Today I am posting an inverter project which I described as the simplest Bi-stable inverter circuit in the world.

1. Introduce the concept of bi-stable inverters.

A bi-stable inverter is a type of inverter that uses a bi-directional flow of electricity to stabilize the output voltage and frequency. This type of inverter is important for applications that require a stable output voltage and frequency, which can be used for small electronics appliances e.g to charge phones, charge laptops, ac bulbs, etc.

2. the benefits of using bi-stable inverters.

There are many benefits to using bi-stable inverters, including:

1. They can reduce energy waste.

2. They can help you save money on your electricity bill.

3. it can be used in the home when there are power outages.

4. They can help you reduce your dependence on the grid.

5. They can help you reduce your noise levels.

6. The Circuitry is very simple, anyone with little or no electronic knowledge can do this project.

3. Discuss the different types of bi-stable inverters.

1. The transistor bi-stable inverter: It uses 2 transistors which when ones turn on the other will off and vice versa,some call this process a flip-flop
2. IC Bi-stable inverter: IC (Integrated circuit) Bi-stable inverters are bi-stable that are produced by integrated circuits, examples are: IR2153, CD4047, etc. will make a post on them soon.


It uses Bi-Stable Multivibrator as the oscillator circuit which uses 2 transistors, 8 resistors, 3 capacitors, 2 Mosfet, and a 12v transformer with a center cap (12v-0v-12v) the values of the components used are listed below

components are:

1. 1k resistors 4pcs

2. 10k resistor 2pcs

3. 100k resistor 2pcs

4.100nf (104j) capacitor 2pcs

5. 3.3uf (335j) capacitor 1pc

6.BC3904 transistor 2pcs

7. IRFP150 MOSFET 2pcs

8. Transformer 12v*2 or (12v-0v-12v) transformer

The inverter project Schematic image is shown below


simple and small inverter circuit |...
simple and small inverter circuit | small inverter circuit | 12v to 230v inverter circuit

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