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Pic12f683 inverter circuit with project file download

pic12f683 pure sinewave inverter

Today I am sharing a project I am working on which is the pic12f683 pure sine wave inverter project

1. Introduce the concept of a Pic12f683 pure sine wave inverter.

This Pic12f683 sine wave inverter project is a non-complex inverter project that produces a pure sinewave of 50hertz at the output which only uses two ic’s (Integrated circuits) and in this post, I will share both the schematic and  the hex code and even all the project files not excluding the board brd  image for those who do homemade DIY PCB

2. Advantages of using this Pic12f683 sine wave inverter.

The advantage of using this pic12f683 sine wave inverter is that it is very flexible and easy, which means it has simple circuitry, just 2 ICs each having 8 pins.


3. Advantages of using this sine wave project

this project is a very good inverter project for electronics student who wants to do their university final year project, the project is very cheap and budget-friendly, and simple to understand so anyone with basic electronic knowledge will be able to understand it.

4. Compare and contrast the advantages of using this pic12f683 sine wave inverter circuit versus other sine wave inverters circuit

1. It is cheap to build which mean is budget-friendly for electronics students

2. The circuit is simple and consists of only 2 integrated circuits (Ic) and some transistors including MOSFETs

3. The project is a free open-source project which means anyone could download and use it for their electronics practicals


this project was first created by hung Pham and I and most of its subscribers are interested in the project, but the project has some issues, most think is the software but it is a big NO, the software is intact the problem is the hardware, I noticed that the problem is from the MOSFET driver (IR2103) anytime you connect the 12v supply to it, The high side output of the MOSFET driver is bringing out 12v instead of 6v and the cause of this is that the MCU hex file has a 5-sec delay anytime you on the circuit this will cause the ir2103 high side to on but the low side will off and this will trigger the MOSFETs with direct voltage which can even blow up the circuit.

This issue is fixed by adding a delay timer circuit that is preset to 5 seconds and the 5-sec delay circuit output is connected to the (VCC) pin1&pin8 of the MOSFET driver and this fixes the issue

delay circuit below


Note: Preset VR to 5sec delay or more for the inverter to work

The inverter schematic below

homemade tech 101 elect101 pure sine wave inverter pic12f683 inverter project


watch the video below to see me testing the circuit


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