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SG3524 PWM inverter circuit diagram

 SG3524 PWM inverter circuit diagram


The project I am sharing today is based on SG3524 PWM ic with which as 2 ADC(sensor) lines one is pin 1 [inverting input -] which is for controlling the duty cycle of the PWM [Pulse Width Modulation] and the second pin 10[shotdown] anytime there is a voltage higher than 0.3V on the pin10 this ic will shutdown it PWM at pin11 and pin14 of the sg3524 ic so you can also use this pin for the function of overload and short circuit cutoff for your inverter project I will share an inverter circuit that uses sg3524 that as the function of overload protection and short circuit protection and the load max is presettable with a variable resistor, so but this circuit I am sharing only as auto voltage feedback and low battery cutoff circuit.

inverter with functions of :

*Auto voltage feedback

*Low battery cutoff    [you can set the cutoff voltage but I prefer 10.5V for a 12V system]

* NO LOAD CURRENT   0.5A at 12v note: if yours is higher than this reduce through the voltage feedback

*OUTPUT 100vac – 220vac 50hz/60hz

* WATTAGE {Transformer size and quantity of MOSFETs will determine your wattage }

* Voltage working range 12V  [FOR 24 or 36v put voltage regulator and change the low battery circuit Zener diode to 9v and 13v for 36v system and also change the s8050 transistor to a high voltage one  ]

* TRANSFORMER SELECTION [I PREFER 9V-0V-V9 TO 0V-220V-250V] so that by the time you set the feedback to 220v the no-load current will be low because it is not the higher voltage the inverter can deliver, with  9V-0-9V transformer when you set the output voltage to 220v the no-load will be as low as 0.4A-0.6A

Here is the circuit diagram




Transistor S8050

All resistors 1/4watt

Variable Resistors  100KVR for VFB and 22K VR for Low  Battery Cutoff Circuit

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Low battery cutoff circuit diagram

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