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Basic Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Guide PDF

This Ebook PDF will teach you how to troubleshoot electronics circuit

Table of Contents

Ebook contents

Goals of this Book
Quick Notes: Replacing Electrolytic Capacitors and
Soldering Problems (Cold Solder Connections)

2 Basic Breadboards
Solderless Breadboards
Power Buses on Solderless Breadboards . . . Look
for Breaks in the Power Bus Lines
And Now Some Words of Caution
Other Breadboards

3 Power Sources: Batteries and Battery
Holders, Safety Issues, and Voltmeters
Again, a Word of Caution

Expected Battery Capacity
Safety Considerations
Survey of Digital Voltmeters

4 Some Basic Electronic Components
Radial and Axial Electrolytic Capacitors
Measure Twice, Install Once: Erroneously
Marked Capacitors
Using a DVM to Measure Resistance Values
Measuring Low Resistance Values

5 Diodes, Rectifiers, and Zener Diodes
Diodes and Rectifiers
Forward Voltage Across Anode to Cathode and
Reverse Voltage Effects
Testing Diodes and Rectifiers with Digital and
Analog Volt Meters
Schottky Diodes
A Brief Look at Zener Diodes
Some General Rules About Diodes

6 Light-Emitting Diodes
The LED’s Light Output
LED “Minimum Turn On” Voltages
Other Types of Green LEDs
Problems with Paralleling Two LEDs with Different
Turn-On Voltages

Protecting LEDs from Damage Due to Reverse
Voltage Across the Anode and Cathode
Some Keys Points About Light Emitting Diodes

7 Bipolar Junction Transistors
Bipolar Junction Transistors
What Happens When a Transistor Is Damaged
Schematic Symbol of NPN and PNP Transistors
Applying a DC Voltage to the Base of the
Transistor to Provide a Constant Current
Improved Current Source Circuits
What Happens When Things Go Wrong
Insufficient “Headroom Voltage” for the Transistor
Sometimes Even a Correct Circuit Goes Bad

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